Thespia and Brynn would probably not text as much. They'd be more responsible and rarely be on their phones. 

Thespia would text rarely, usually face-timing instead. 

Brynn likes to talk in person, and she can tolerate phone calls. She'd be the one you'd almost never get a reply from.

Nyah would be a crazy texter, and always taking selfies with Jill and Cowgirl.

Brie would take photos and text occasionally with Nyah. She'd be seen on her phone texting her friends. 

CowGirl would basically be Nyah's other half, usually texting like crazy. The only difference is she uses punctuation. She also likes shipping. 

Quench texts the FFs, it's the only group chat he replies to. He and his sister call or text sometimes, but he likes to avoid big group chats Nyah starts. 

Leslie texts sometimes, but is usually writing or reading on her phone. She'll occasionally text Quench since the two are friends. (She's the only girl he'll text outside the FFs) 

Nimbus likes to spam when he texts, which he does often. He and Nyah enjoy annoying Brynn by texting her spam consistently. Brynn has blocked him. 

Claire sides with Brynn and Thespia when it comes to texting during meetings. Except she does text often. 

Molly texts and calls often, usually texting Adelina.

Adelina Is always texting her brother and Molly, sometimes texting Emerson. 

Emerson is a face-timing kind of person. She often says: "Texting - is not my thing."  

Skyler is a texter. Even though she isn't a screenager, Sky often texts her old friends and her new ones. 

Tauron is on his phone most of the time. Doing everything ranging from games to texting. 



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