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  • I live in In Ninjagoland!!!! Nu: Revenge of the Realms
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Writing, Ninjagoing, Rping, etc.
  • I am A Salamander and a BANANAZ Nope, just some Brainless zombie who found the internet

Fun fact: I can eat (and cut!) anything with a toothpick.

Favorite color: Teal

Motto: Be kind, love acting, and hate pineapple🍍.

Favorite TV show: Ninjago

Favorite book📔: The Penderwicks, and my own!

Favorite song🎶: None

Favorite board game: Monopoly

Favorite symphony(s): Toy symphony🎠, Nutcracker March, Spring🌸, from "the four seasons" (I only listed 3)

Favorite activities: Acting💃, Sewing, playing KK👩‍💻 (and AJ👩‍💻 and Roblox👩‍💻), Cooking🧖‍♀️👩‍🍳, Writing👩‍💻, songwriting👩‍💻, being unaware of my surroundings🧟‍♂️😃🌋, playing sports🏃‍♀️, Hanging out with friends, drawing🙇‍♀️, painting👩‍🎨, crafting👩‍🏭... (for just a few...)

Favorite computer💻 game:














My Beta OC's

Thespia Grace Amberland

Backstory: abandoned at 3 years old, she lived for several years with a family of ally cats, who gently nurtured her until she was 7. She was soon found by her adoptive mother, Ms. Amberland. she lived with Ms. Amberland until she was 11, when she became the hero she is today.

Powers: Amber, Energy, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, and Object creation.

Personality: Kind, Brave, Determined, Loving.

Friends: Brynn, Nyah, Claire, Adelina, Leia(formerly), Eli, Liam.

Enemies: Dagger(AKA Leia), Nightflame, Arrow.

Brynn (by LDKK)

Backstory: Brynn Olive Cole was orphaned at 4 and lived in a shack. She learned of her powers when she was 7, and was never adopted because of them. She met Thespia when she was 12, and since then they've become close friends (BFFs)

Powers: Telekinesis

Personality: Nice, brave, smart, ambitious, active

Friends: Nica, Thespia , Claire, Eli,

Enemies: Dagger, Nightflame, Arrow, Shadow.


Backstory: Quench is one of the secondary heroes. He has a small team called: "The Fierce-Tastic Four"

Powers: Hydrokinesis, Water trapping, Water sphere generation.

Personality: Sporty, Humorous

Enemies: Dagger Nightflame, Arrow

Friends: Emerson, Abby, SonicBgirl


This the scariest thing in the history of the universe

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