(Brie POV) I glanced around at the room around me. "Yep. My daily life of Nimbusing weirdos." I said to myself. Suddenly, Nimbus came and threw a handful of cookie dough at me. "NIMBUS!" I yelled before darting after him. Hello, we pause your story for a very important message, Sponsored by Nimbus. "CRAZY BANANAZ!" Now you may return to reading, goodbye! "Oof those advertisement people RUINED the effect of my story!" " Hmph! " Suddenly, Thomas approached me and hugged me at what seemed to be random, but I wasn't so sure about that. Then Thespia called for a meeting. "Guys, we have had some new additions, New fears, and new banana suits, " Everyone glanced at Nimbus. "RIP BANANA Z JR. THE 3rd." Said Nimnus before years ran down his face. "But we are a team, even if we know how we are going to die." Everyone stared at Nimbus fearfully. "And no matter how many heroes we lose, how many people kiss each other, or how many Banana suits we burn, we will always be a team. Then Thomas snuck over to me and handed me a flower with a note that read: Meet me by the pool tonight at 10:47.

Later: at 10:47 pm

I walked out by the poolside, spotting Thomas quickly. Then he kissed me on the cheek and ran to keep Joel from limping off the diving board. The End?

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