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The Butterfly and the Fox; a Fire Quest Fanfiction

Chapter 1.

Evelyn sat quietly in her tree. She liked to call it the thinking tree. The old Oak's branches full of leaves blocked out the sun. And the broad trunk kept her treehouse steady. 

Leaning against the trunk of the large Oak, Evelyn sighed. She signed in exhaustion and doubt. She doubted she'd ever get over the fact she was in the team and had traveled through dimensions. On the other hand, she had also witnessed a death. 

But through it all, she had stayed strong. For Thespia, Nyah, Lily, Claire, her sisters, Neox, Waterfrost, Burnout, Asher, everyone. With every member that joined, some stress was lifted from the Team's shoulders, which delighted Evelyn. She had always loved helping others. Although, she didn't feel very safe with The Team. 

Most everyone was socializing and making merry. Everyone except her. She still didn't feel safe. Thespia was now fully recovered, and Claire and Nyah insisted she stayed in her room because she needed more time to recover. Evelyn wasn't buying it easily, neither was the rest of the Team, but she decided to go with it. 

And with a leader down, she couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable around the gang. For one, they all had crazy powerful superpowers. Heck, one guy could burn her wings clean off! And another poor kid couldn't even touch anyone due to his poisonous powers. Evelyn felt sorry for him. And Then there was Asher. He had a million nicknames that hinted towed his scary mischievous personality. And his powers just added to his pranking capabilities.  The boy could turn invisible and could teleport. That means he could be spying on Evelyn at that very moment, sending shivers down her spine.

"Evie! Come down for lunch!" Brie's sweet voice rang from the ground bellow. Evelyn sprang up, crawling to the edge of the treehouse. Someone had made the treehouse, and Thespia insisted it be left untouched. All the original members seemed to like the treehouse very much, so Evelyn had agreed to take care of the old house in the tree. Lily, also known as Cowgirl, was the fondest of the treehouse. She still wouldn't tell Evelyn about the backstory of the structure, though the butterfly sister didn't mind. 

Brie's footsteps could be heard as she walked back to the HQ, where a food fight was sure to break out. "Yeah, c'mon Evie! We ain't got the whole day!" Asher screeched with his best impersonation of Lily he could conjure. Although, Lily didn't talk quite like that. Evelyn knew. But she clambered down from the loft anyway, hoping no one was watching her.  

Chapter 2.

Evelyn ate in silence. She watched with amusement as Quench and Claire argued about whether ice or water was better. Thespia sat down beside Evelyn. The butterfly girl tensened, but continued to eat. Quench was now saying: "Water isn't hard! It can withstand any conditions! It can be hot, moderate, cold-" "-And then it turns into ice! I've is good for outdoor activities. It can form huge sculptures and it cools your dumb water."  "Either way," Liam butted in, "It's all still water." Quench smirked at Claire, who glared back at him. "...But I like steam best." Logan and Claire both looked at Liam with arched brows and a disgusted expression.  "Steam?" They asked skeptically.  Evelyn snickered with Thespia. Suddenly, Evelyn felt a tug on her hair. Turning, she saw no one.  A chill ran down her spine. She grabbed some of the mustard and pretended to be putting some on her sandwich. Thespia raised a brow just as Evelyn felt another tug.  She squeezed the tube and squirted out a lot of mustard. The yellow stuff covered the face of Asher. He turned visible again, sputtering and spitting. He whipped his eyes and stared at Evelyn with a grin. Shyly she smiled back.  In the background the kitchen was whooping with laughter. Comments like: "Nice one!" And "Whoo, Evelyn!", as well as: "One point for butterfly! Negative zero for fox!" Asher smirked at Evelyn, and she felt the warmth in her cheeks and the tightening of her chest reoccur like it always did. She knew it was the affects of having a crush. As she had a big one on Asher.