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Sýmpnoia Shock (or Zounnekrokoritsi Sleep/Fever) Is a medicinal condition. It occurs when power's fade but emotions remain in a human's body. If there is a powerful being beside the dying victim, and this occurrence happens, the victim will experience death in a sleep. 

The "dead" person's heart will stop beating, but the power of them and the surrounding others will keep them alive. The person will be weak but absorb the power, and store it. Their heart will beat once every minute. 


Avery Davis (1853 - 1902)

Sýmpnoia Shock (1872 - 1901)

Samantha Adams (1967 - 2004)

Sýmpnoia Shock (1973 - 1985)

Percilla Hung (2001 - 2009)

Sýmpnoia Shock (2003 - 2009)

Matthew Narsin (2006 )

Sýmpnoia Shock (2008 - 2010)