Ze derp house

One day, three dudettes (and a dog) named Velvet, Author-Girl and Emerson (and Velvet’s dog, Oreo,) set out for an adventure. “DERP.” said Author-girl goofily. Velvet saw a dark figure scurrying amongst the woods. “Who-who is that?” Velvet asked, terrified. “Your newest enemy!” Said a high-pitched voice. “Oh great.” said Lilith pessimistically. “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”! Said Author-girl derpily. “Hee-hee.” said the high-pitched voice. Suddenly, the high-pitched figure stepped out. “Brandon!” Said Velvet. She ran up and hugged him. “We’re out on an adventure, do you want to join us?” asked Velvet. “Yes, I do!” Brandon said. Oreo barked. They traveled for hours and hours, until they finally reached the legendary Derp house. The legend was that anyone who went in became such a Derp, that they lost all their braincells. They went in, terrified they might lose all their braincells and become a … “BRAINLESS ZOMBIE!!!!!” Screamed Lilith. They ran out, screaming. “That was fun!” said Brandon. “Let’s do it again tomorrow!” “NO!” Everyone answered. They journeyed back home, giggling. 


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