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Who loves who

Q. Does Leslie love Quench?

A. Yes, she does, in a sibling way. She may feel more feelings for him later, however.

Q. Is Nimberson a thing?

A. Y E S

Q. Does Brynn return Burnout's feelings?

A. She does. Only she hates to admit it and has never exposed her feelings to anyone but Luke, Adam, and Asher.

Q. Does Asher like Lily?

A. To be determined XP

Q. Will there be love triangles?

A. Yes. Leslie, Quench, and Nyah | Burnout, Brynn, and The Assasin (Matthew) | Liam, Thespia, Luke (minor triangle)

Who killed who

Q. Who killed Jill?

A. Arrow.

Q. Who killed Charlotte.

A. It was confirmed in Chapter 10 of ROTR that she was killed by Arrow, who somehow poisoned her.

Power-Related Questions

Q. Why did Brynn glow when Charlotte gave Brynn her powers, but Thespia didn't when she got Quench's?

A. Only if the gifter is giving their powers to the receiver using the last energy they have will they have the glowing effect. If you use amber it isn't a true gift because you're using the power to gain another.

Q. Who doesn't have powers?

A. Nimbus.

Q. Who is the most powerful on the team?

A. Thespia. She has the most control and most powers. It was a close tie between her and Leia.

Q. Are there any canon ships in the series? Also, was Arrow once a nice person but then suddenly turned evil?

A. Yes, there will be canon ships. As for Arrow it hasn't been confirmed. It is a possibility, however.

Misc. Questions

Q. What's the difference between a realm and a dimention?

A. A realm is more structured and organized, while a dimension is more open and empty.

Q. What's hypersleep?

A. Hyperspace is a fictional trance-like state where the person experiencing hypersleep stays the same age and I'm the same condition. It's kinda like freezing.