(Night dancer POV) I shot an astral blast at a target, completely destroying it. Adam backed off, trying to stay safe from the deadly blasts. They both ran at the scream coming from the house. Adam ducked as Nimbus shot a foam ball at him. "HEY!" said Adam in surprise. Nimbus ran away. Adam shook his fist in anger. "You'll get used to it." I said. We went back outside, ready to blast the targets. Thespia, Nyah, Brynn, Leslie, Rebecca, Lulu, and Thomas and Joel joined us. Explosions sounded as we blasted the targets, causing them to land as ashes. I held hands with Adam as I shot my final blast, eventually leaning in to kiss him. Rebecca and Thomas each covered their sibling's eyes. When our lips broke apart, I hugged him and cried years of joy.

*1 hour later*

(Adam POV) I met Isabelle at the pier by the bridge, chatting about our lives and perspectives. We ended our meeting with a short kiss, departing briefly, until the next day.

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