Nyah Islandia Amberland Edit

Nyah Islandia Amberland is Thespia's Sister And team member. She enjoys long strolls, And eating Sushi.

Powers, Personality, And more!Edit

Nyah has telepathy powers, and she can teleport like her sister.

She also wears her special suit, that she made herself.

She is a bit shy at first, but brave, kind, caring, strong, and free-willed.


Nyah is two years younger than Thespia. She was born with telepathy and teleportation. Like her sister, Nyah was raised by the ally-cats. She later got adopted by Ms. Amberland Her favorite cat was Alysha (the cat told Nyah her name while Nyah was reading her mind). She was given Object creation by a scar, that didn't bleed, but helped her find something deep inside her, the power that was buried beneath sadness.

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