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Night dancer is a very well-known main hero. 


  • Astral
  • Nature
  • Dark

Powers, Personality, and more!Edit

Night Dancer is usually calm, clumsy sometimes; but smart and brave. ND's powers are dark, astral and nature.

Backstory & RelationsEdit

When Night Dancer/Isabelle Marie was 6, she got separated from her parents by her jealous sister, Hailey Marie. And Isabelle had to go to an Orphanage. When Izzy was 7, she got adopted. It was like her old family, except she had a loving sister this time. When she was 8, 9, 10 and 11, she loved to study about the galaxy. Then, Izzy turned 12, and she saw a sparkling light, she went over to check it out, she grabbed a sparkling purple crystal, then, turned into Night Dancer!

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