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aka Brynn Olive Cole, or just Brynn

  • I live in The Void
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  • Brynn hummed to herself as she walked down the halls of the HQ mindlessly, letting her feet take her wherever. She didn't pass anyone, the building was fairly quiet. Not in a creepy way, there was some pop music playing and Brynn could hear the boys bickering upstairs. And every now and then Luke would zip by, or Nyah and Quench would appear suddenly with red faces before the Amberland girl teleported them elsewhere. Brynn peeked her head inside the lab. 

    The cool room was filled with computers and tables, and quite a few energy units. Brynn's favorite part by far was the aquarium, which sat in the corner of the room.

    The lab wasn't empty, not so surprisingly. Jill and Lily both sat hunched over one of the tables. From a distance Brynn could see fabrics sprawled across the tables and instantly raised a brow. Her brown hair was down today in waves, and her brown orbs sparkled with interest. 

    "Whatcha up to?" She asked curiously, spooking both girls. They stopped mumbling and turned to the brunette in the doorway.

    "Oh, howdy, Brynn. Me and Jill were just designing some suits." Lily replied.

    "-As in tuxedo suits or hero suits?" 

    "Guess." Jill answered sassily. Normally she was calm, collected, and sweet, but she and Brynn would sometimes exchange sassy and witty remarks. It was in a teasing way, but sometimes it concerned Neox and Waterfrost.

    Lily chuckled, motioning Brynn over. "Nyah was helping us, but she bailed after Quench came in asking for her," the Cowgirl's voice was filled with excitement that the other two couldn't resist rolling their eyes.

    Brynn looked over the sketched on paper. She read the notes on the side, murmuring to herself. "What do you think?" Jill asked.

    Brynn shrugged. "Who's it for?"

    "All of us."

    "Us three?"

    "The whole team." "-Oh."

    Brynn looked down at the drawings again. "What kind of protection is there?" Lily smiled cheekily, "Well, there's a bullet proof vest, the tight underjacket for all weather, and we're considering making some durable boots." Jill sketched meanwhile, but Brynn and Lily paid her no mind.

    "What about shin guards? Like in soccer? And elbow guards, like baseball? Shoulder, like football? Or shorts like tennis?" 

    "There could be some protection on the limps, I guess..." Lily trailed off. Her gaze landed on Jill's paper.

    "What's that?" She asked, nodding to the paper. 

    Jill laughed nervously, glancing at the two girls beside her. "I dunno, sketches?"

    The base of the sketch was a human, and on the underlayer was the weather jacket Lily said they were trying to input. Slowly the lines formed what appeared to be a sort of ballet proof vest over the jacket. Jill drew an overshirt which appeared to be made of mesh of chain. She then put thin short to cover the chain, over which she drew a short sleeve crop top. She divided the crop top with a sort of belt or line, before adding a lower part. 

    Lily and Brynn watched with interest as Jill labeled every layer, the type of fabric and every detail.

    "There. That's an idea."

    "Thas great!" A bubbly voice inturupted. The tree whirrled around to face a cherry faced Nyah. Her face was almost the color of her hair, yet more of a red than orange. She grabbed a pencil from the table.

    "I like the details and the selected fabrics. I noticed you chose the highly breathable and flexible ones." Nyah noted. Jill, who's raven black hair emphasized her pink cheeks, nodded. 

    "I think for the helmet-" Nyah smoothly drew out a covering with a glass shield. Afterward she added two impressive boots to the feet. 


    Jill and Brynn grinned, while Lily tilted her head to the side. "It's kinda bland..." She grabbed one of the felt markers and colored in the lower divided half of the top layer shirt. "The lower half should match the person wearing it's favorite color."

    Jill beamed with Nyah and Lilly. Brynn smiled as she pinned the design to the cork board. "Girls, let's get to work," Jillian announced, "The design is complete." 

    | This design was featured in Mind's shadow, so I thought it would be fun to write the creating of the design! |

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