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Lumos_Maximas, who prefers to be called by her nickname, Lumos, is a fan of the TTQOF series. She is known for who two fanfictions about "The Team", which were published on Wattpad. 

She wrote the first fanfiction outside of the Fandom Wiki, the first actual fanfiction being by a Fandom user. Lumos' two stories were titled "The Secret" and "Best Friend." 

The Secret

The Secret plot was based off the cannon relationship between Thespia and Liam. The fanfiction takes place after Brynn's sacrifice in the Void. It follows a depressed Thespia, who struggles to grasp the facts. Liam, along with the rest of the team, grows concerned about Thespia. The two have an interaction that causes Thespia to rethink her recent actions and lead the team. The fanfiction is incomplete, and on a HIATUS.

Best Friend

Best friend has no spacific time period, but it occurs after Leslie, Quench, Luke, and Asher join. The plot takes flight when Leslie and Nyah argue, and Nyah blurts out: "You're just jealous because he loves me!" This results in Leslie leaving the room and crying to herself. Asher comforts her awkwardly, and the two form a friendship. Leslie and Nyah avoid each other, and the Team members take sides (some of them unknowingly.) Thespia decides to let Nyah and Leslie settle the affair themselves and ignores the tension. Come Saturday training Leslie, Asher, and Luke, who is the only other who sided with Leslie, decide to go rock climbing. During the excersises Leslie looses a claw and gets an infection. While she is unconcious some tempers flare and accusations are thrown. When Leslie wakes up Nyah is by her side, and the two decide to be friends again. Only, they decide to play enemies and public ally forgive each other so that the Team takes the news better. The fanfiction is incomplete.