Little love

(Joel POV) I walked into my older brother's room, prepared to ask a question. "Tommy, I have a girl that I love." "Listen, Joel, who is this girl?" He asked. "Lulu." I answered . "Joel, if you really love her, try to ask her out, or send her flowers." He replied. "Ok." I said before going to ask Lulu.

  • 7 minutes later*

I approached Lucinda nervously, trembling at the thought of her warping out of reality before I got to her. I tapped her on the shoulder. "Lulu, I want you to be my special friend like in the movies." I said. "I wanna be yours too." She said before turning around. "Let's meet tonight at the beach." I whispered into her ear. *later, at 9:09 Pm* I saw Lulu approaching me, getting my best smile and my excitement controled. Then I leaned on for a kiss. It was short, but I cherished it greatly. "Let's do this again tomorrow, same time." I said. " See you then! She said before departing.

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