The wind blew, Eli's long hair soaring in the breeze. The drab winter day didn't make her any happier. She once again was cold, hungry, bruised and depressed. She had been trying to earn some food at a nearby hotel, offering to work as a maid. But once again she was rejected. Beaten by the security guard. "DIE YOU FILTHY, DISGUSTING OUTCAST!" "NOBODY NEEDS YOU!" "DIE I SAY!!!" I just managed to make it out alive. I had been orphaned all my life. No orphanage, family, or human being would take me in. "OUTCAST!" They yelled. "GO DIE!!!" So I lived with the rats. I hid in the alleyways, hoping no one would come kill me. Many people passed by, bakers, hotel workers, families. But they all ignored me. They shuttered at the sight of me. My hair was tangled, my skin was pale, my clothes were torn, and my voice was weak. This was it. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I climbed up to the top of the short hotel building. It was short, but very long. I stood on the top, yelling with all my strength. “HELP!” Crowds gathered at the loud call for help. They all stared at me. Then they all started shouting. “OUTCAST!” “DIE!” “YOU’LL NEVER GET FOOD!” “YOU’LL NEVER GET SHELTER!” “DEATH TO YOU!!!” Then the head maid appeared, turning her hands into fists. “YOU AGAIN!” She said in a raging state of anger. “NOW I WILL FINALLY KILL YOU!!!” “NOW YOU WILL FINALLY DIE!” She said angrily. Then she ran furiously at me, knocking me off the rooftop. “This is it”. I thought. “They finally killed me”. My last memory was me perishing in the alleyway I once called home. My skull was pouring out blood, and it seemed all of my bones were broken.


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