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Eli Dusty Dameson is a secondary hero. Her superhero name is Hyte, but no one ever calls her that. Eli is the fort hero to go undercover as a different person. Her first disguise was as a girl named Lynn Brooker, who was supposed to be associated with Arrow. She met up with a mysterious man in order to obtain information on Arrow. The mission went wrong, and she had to abort, but Eli claimed to "thoroughly enjoy" being someone else for a change. 

Backstory: Eli met Brynn and Thespia one day and joined the team a little while later.

Powers, personality and more!

Powers: • Alias

  • Healing
  • Telepathy
  • Empathy (She feels other's pain)
  • Energy Radiation


Eli has brown hair, pale skin, and freckles. She is tall and skinny and has two blue eyes.

Eli acts like a Kuudere or a Tusndere and is also extremely shy. She enjoys others company after living at the HQ for a few months. Her favorite treat is cake, and she loves sports.

Eli is also easily scared when it comes to reality. But she's completely fine with horror movies, much to everyone else's confusion. She even said Skytz death in "Rising Skies" was boring.