There are a few ships in the series (Cowgirl, Adelina), but only some are true.

  • Diotoir and Emily - Emiotor
  • Thespia and Liam - Lespia
  • Nimbus and Emerson - Nimberson


  • Burnout for Brynn - Brynnout
  • Adam for Nyah - Nydam
  • Evelyn for Asher
  • Leslie for herself - Leslie
  • Nimbus for Emerson -Nimberson
  • Luke for Thespia - Lukspia
  • Nimbus and his banana suit 
  • UltraViolet for WaterFrost - Ultrafrost


  • Quenyah
  • Brynnout
  • Lukspia
  • Nimberson
  • Ultrafrost
  • Nydam
  • Lacer
  • Nyox
  • Nimbana

Love Triangles and Love Twists

Nyah x Quench x Leslie

Lily x Asher x Evelyn

Nimbus x Cookie x Adam

Liam x Thespia x Luke

Quench x Leslie x Luke

Matthew x Brynn x Burnout



(A love twist is where two people like the same person but the person doesn't like either) 

Alain and Wes for Leslie

"My ship has set sail without me!" ~ Adelina

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