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Brynn Olive Cole


Brynn Olive Cole was orphaned at 4 and lived in a shack. She learned of her powers when she was 7 and was never adopted because of them. She met Thespia when she was 12, and since then they've become close friends (BFFs). She was part of the original team Thespia founded and was present at Dagger and Nightflame's defeat.

She hasn't unlocked all of her powers, because of the risk of the dangerous energy destroying the realms. In order to unlock all of her powers she'd have to go to a different dimension, the void, and there's a slim chance she'd make it back.

She also witnessed Jaguar's death, them being partners during the mission. Brynn was unresponsive for a while after the incident, she recovered, but was forever traumatized.


Nice, brave, smart, ambitious, active.

Powers & Skills

  • Telekinesis
  • Sharp-Shooter Brynn has Telekinesis powers, as well as being good with bow and arrow. She showed Claire her Bow and arrow skills soon after they met.


The Quest of The Unknown Heros, (trending) The Revenge of the Realms.


Brynn is currently in a state of dead.1