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Brie Petals is a main hero. Her powers are:


-phasing herself/others

she can use her mind to influence things without physically touching them. Her phasing ability allows her to move through solid matter without harm. If she is choosing she can phase others with herself.

Her Backstory

Brie grew always knowing about her abilities, but kept them hidden from her family. One day after school, she was walking home and saw her dad on their roof. He waved to her, but lost his balance and he had to save him. So she helped easy his landing by phasing with him through the ground. Her parants were grateful of what she did, but also completely terrified because they didn’t know what to do with her. They didn’t understan her or her abilities at all. So they des died not to deal with her anymore and sent her to live with her grandpare. So for the next 4 years, she tried to forget hr familie‘s cruelty. One day she was walking, not thinking clearly and got beat up by who she thought were her friends, because she was differen, and couldn’t walk. Then a strange boy wondered to where she was. His name was Thomas, and he heale her miraculously. She trained in Martial arts, archery, and acrobatics. During her training, she unlocked her ability of telekinesis which she has not mastered yet.

Friends and Enemies


- Olive



(Created by Wolfpearl)