Beguinning to End Edit

A tale of the friendship between a Leader, a Cowgirl, a Jaguar, and a Sparrow. |A story about Jill|

Chapter 1 Edit

A baby's wailes schreeked trough the damp jungle. Two people fell down dead that night. But the baby continued to cry. The claw marks in the dead bodies were from a large cat. An enemy to man. They were silent yet deadly, patterned yet impossible to see. The baby stopped, it's stormy grey eyes wide and curious. A soft paw nudged the infant's face lightly. The child gurgled, reaching with it's tiny hand to grasp the animal's whiskers. The cat growled, leaning back. But something about the child's sparkling eyes glossing with tears made the animal lean forward again. It nuzzled the child's face and hand, so as to bring the small human some comfort. The baby was no less than nine months, eating baby food by now. Course, the large cat didn't know that. It used it's teeth, tenderly lifting the child from it's carrier. The baby grapes firmly to it's blanket, while dangling from the mouth of the Jaguar.

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