Leia lay still in hypersleep, her mind thoughless and her emotions frozen. Year after year passed, plants fading, ages changing, buildings forgotten and torn down, but Leia remained lifeless. They thought she was dead, hopless, just another dead body to bury. But the protective forcefield that has been laid on her 15 years ago stood strong. The builders left, and Leia Awoke. Now she has been,


Chapter 1Edit

Leia walked through the modern streets of her hometown, frightened by the speedy cars and the sleek buildings. Then she walked to the headquarters she always remembered. She saw a strange figure standing in the main room. "¿Eres in amigo o in enemigo?" "What the-?" " Brynn, some kid is in the main room! " said Asher. He teleported behind Leia and held her down on the floor. 26 year old Brynn came rushing into the room. She saw the "kid". "Leia..."

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