Ava’s journey It was a cold, snowy evening. “Hurry Ava, we’re already late”. Said Crystal, Ava’s teenage sister. “Ok, I’m hurrying”. “Ava I wanna play princess!” Said Sammy, Ava’s 5-year-old sister. “I’m sorry Sammy, but I have to go to school for my act”. “Ok”… Said Sammy sadly. “HURRY KIDS GET IN THE CAR!” Said Ava’s frustrated Mother. The whole family hurried to the car and buckled their seatbelts. “Ok, let’s go!” Said Ms. McCarol before zooming off. Everyone had on their nicest clothes for the Parkerwing Elementary talent show. Mr. McCarol was wearing his nicest suit, a black blazer adorned with a bowtie. Ms. McCarol was wearing a beautiful red dress with maroon high heels. Crystal was wearing a mint-colored T-shirt and periwinkle leggings. Ava was wearing an elegant white dress, decorated with beautiful pearls. Sam was wearing a blue T-shirt with a red car on the front. Sammy was wearing a pink princess dress, which she had insisted on. And Baby Samantha was wearing a frilly lavender dress, and a delicate headband with a pink bow. They finally arrived, rushing to the gymnasium, now lined with soft, rich velvet.

*After the performance*

“I woved your show!” Said Sammy, grinning with laughter.

“It was amazing!”

“Right Crystal?”


“Oh-uh-yea It was ok”.

*The next day*

Mr. Mcarol came home from work, excited and happy to share his news.

“I got PROMOTED!” He said excitedly.

“YAY!” Yelled Sam.

“EEEEEEEE!” Exclaimed Sammy.

Ava was speechless in amazement.

“Does this mean I can finally get an IPHONE!?” Asked Crystal.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

“No honey, but it does mean we get a special dinner.”

“YAY!” Exclaimed the children.

They all got dressed in their best clothes and head out to the car”.

“Alrighty, let’s go!”

“WAIT!” Said Ava.

“I forgot my shawl!”

“Well go get it, but bring Samantha, she desperately needs a diaper change”.

“Ok”. Ava said, carrying a smelly baby Samantha inside.

Then Ava heard gunshots.

She ran outside, only to see her family, shot dead.

She caught a glimpse of a hooded figure.

They dropped something while running away.

Ava waited for them to leave, then ran to the small device.

The screen read: “Ava lily Mcarol, 1820 Sugarmore drive”.

“They were after, me”. Ava whispered to herself.

She closed the device, hoping to find a clue.

“A.C.M.A” the device read.


“What’s that?”

Then she remembered.

“SAMANTHA!” She said, dashing into the house.

She was there just in time to save Samantha from overflowing her diaper.

“I’ll protect you”. She whispered, cradling the baby in her arms.

*3 years later*

Ava faced a door.

This was no ordinary door.

This was the door holding a place here she could feel free.

The door opened, revealing none other than Thespia herself.

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